Program 2016 Malmö and Lomma

Here you can have a quick overview of the program. For more info about
the artists check out The Artists 2016 here

Peter Tegnér will, as always, be the host of Goodnight Sun every night presenting the guestartists and play with most of them. You will also hear him perform solo some nights.

Tanya Johansson, will work as Sound Designer every evening
making sure the audience and the artists receive optimal sound

Program 8-31 July Malmö (Concert start 20.45)

8  July  Jacques Werup  w. Inge Petersson Lindbäck Saxophones

9  July Josefsson & Börjeson
Helena Josefsson Vocals & Magnus Börjeson Electronics

10 Mattias Nilsson Piano & Ray Aichinger Saxophone

11 Sofia Talvik Guitars & Vocals

12 Annasara Vocals & Piano
w. Stina & Caroline Violin

13 Jessica Ottosson Vocals  Solskott: Hanna Dahlqvist

14 Anna Pauline Andersson Vocals  Solskott: Ella Boman

15 Monica Hoffman Vocals

16 Ali Sabah Trio
Ali Sabah Oud w. Dan Svensson Percussion and Per Knagg Bass

17 Martin Brandqvist Reflections
Martin Brandqvist Drums, Inge Petersson Lindbäck Saxophone
Mats Ingvarsson Bass, Johan Ohlsson Piano

18 Håkan Rydin Piano

19 Bo Håkansson Percussion OBS! Utgår
Replaced with Peter Tegnér Sologuitar

20 Albin Johansson Organ, synth & Drummachine

21 Olga Prudey (Ukraine) Vocals

22 Cloud Jam
Olga Prudey Vocals Rustam Nur Guitars Peter Tegnér Guitars

23 Royal Prospect

24 Solsyster by Andreas Kullberg Vocals and various instruments

25 Anna Fält Vocals   (Special Guest: Elisabet Kedziora: Text improvisation)

26 TIPP w. Inge Petersson-Lindbäck Saxophone

27 Saints & Fools
Atilla Manju Vocals & Bass, Will Solomon percussion
Balu Drums, Peter Tegnér Guitars

28 Saints & Fools

29 Andetag
Diana Nunez, Lena Jungmark, Inger Ollén Reingold, Helen Melin Vocals

30 Astrid Holiday Vocals & Guitar

31 Peter  Tegnér Guitars

Program Lomma 1-7 August (Concert start at 20.00)

1 Jacques Werup w. Inge Petersson-Lindbäck

2 Viktor Jansåker Duo
Viktor Jansåker Guitars & Simon Petersson Bas

3 “Mys på Skånska”  Sandra Marielle Vocals

4 Iris Bergcrantz/Anna Lena Laurin Duo  Vocals & Piano

5 Kvinnliga situationen

6 Magnus Tear Skogsberg

7 Avslutning Peter Tegnér Sologuitar

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