Will get the house in order

Will get the house in order

Will get home in order

Manhattan, NY NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Friday launched a sweeping domestic abuse and sexual assault policy for the league 32 teams, Mandating all players and staff undergo education and training about preventing abuse.

The training and education sessions will begin over the following month, He explained.

The announcement follows a number of visible cases involving football players, Your release of a video that shows the Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice punching his then fiancee.

Goodell said he it wrong in his dealing with of the Rice domestic abuse scandal but vowed, Will get the house in order. Commissioner also said that together with its new policy, The league has entered into an agreement to support the nation’s Domestic Violence Hotline and the nation’s Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Need our help and we are important it, He was quoted saying.

Goodell also said that each of the league 32 teams have obtained a list of agencies within their communities that address these issues. ET]

When Roger Goodell took over as commissioner of the united states most popular sport in 2006, He was widely likely to mold and protect the reputation and well being of a sports league both profitable and prosperous yet tarnished by the misbehavior of some of its biggest stars.

But eight years of age later, The strongest man in sports has been seemingly blindsided by the release of a video showing former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his prix cialis then fiance, Janay Palmer, In the lift of an Atlantic City casino and then dragging her out, Subconscious. ET Friday, About his role in the domestic physical assault scandal.

Goodell, Once viewed as a no holds barred enforcer who was called in to house clean, Had levied a mere two game insides, Based on an initial video externally the elevator that only showed Rice dragging Palmer out. Future, The new footage that showed the punch prompted Goodell to suspend the veteran player forever.

At this point, Critics piled on the league would be savior for his lenient correcting of a star player.

Some asked why Goodell hadn taken a tougher stand earlier. That would have sent an unequivocal statement about domestic violence in a league that includes 14 players who’ve been arrested for violence against women in the past two years, In order to a Sports Illustrated article last week. Others needed his job.

The commissioner told CBS News on friday that he was sickened by what he saw on the second Rice video. He insisted that that was the first time he or anyone in NFL secret headquarters had seen the full scope of the February incident.

He also deflected judgments of his handling of Rice case and his initial penalty.

When asked whether he really needed to see a video of the knockout punch to decide along Rice punishment, The commissioner considered that, We saw in the first videotape was troubling to us by itself, Goodell explained, Talking about another video that surfaced in February after the incident, Showing Rice dragging his then fiancee away from the elevator. What we saw a week ago was extremely clear. It was totally graphic and it was sickening. Thurs, Goodell sent a memo to teams announcing a partnership with The National Domestic Violence Hotline beyond the National Sexual Violence Resource Center(NSVRC). The league will give you financial and promotional support to both groups.

Commitments will enable both the hotline and NSVRC to help more and lots the best way to affected by domestic violence and sexual assault, Goodell said while during the memo.

Yesterday, Amid mounting critique, The league announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller will lead a completely independent inquiry into the league investigation and how it gathered evidence in the case.

Mueller will can download all NFL records, Based on league spokesman Greg Aiello. Two NFL owners who are attorneys John Mara of the New York Giants and Art Rooney II of the gambling will oversee the independent investigation.

The nation’s Organization for Women called Mueller appointment window dressing, State it didn go far enough. The caller says of the recording, Just. It horrible, In line with the AP.

The league has denied that anyone in its office had seen the video prior to being posted online.

In september, In the wake of criticism over the two game suspensions for Rice, Goodell announced that the NFL had set up a six game unpaid ban for personnel who violate the league policy on domestic violence.

A second incident would be punished by ages ban from the league, Goodell said in a letter and memo to owners of the league 32 teams.

Without mentioning Rice by name, Goodell acknowledged in his letter that he made the wrong decision it’s possible that.

Didn understand it properly. The bottomline is, We are related better. And we’ll, He gave them.

Goodell said situation that would warrant a longer suspension include incidents that predate a person time with an NFL team or acts that involve choking, Repetitive blows or a weapon. They have violence against a pregnant woman or in view of child.

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