Goodnight Sun 2020

There will be a Goodnight Sun Summer 2020. Due to to the uncertain situation we can only give you a preliminary schedule of the concerts. Keep in mind this schedule can be changed, and also the form of the concerts. We will keep you updated here. Hope to see you this summer!

Svarte Stranden. 2-5 july
Malmö July or september. Not decided yet due to situation
Ängelholm (stranden vid bryggan) 31 july, 1 & 2 august or 1-3 august
Barsebäck 4 august
Skanörs Hamn 5-8 august
Lund (SommarLund) 12-16 august
Trelleborg 2 evenings, dates not decided due to situation
Lomma 12-14 september

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